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Our background is software, firmware and hardware engineering work as a consulting firm, so we will still offer this if asked. The principals of Illuminosi have a long history in engineering complex projects. At a previous firmATC Graphics, 1986-1995, we provided drivers for Unix, Linux and other software for most of the silicon houses in the US. We are used to working with large firms on agressive schedules. Let us help you reach your goals in your next project.

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It takes a team

Your staff may have the beginnings of an MRDMarket Requirements Document, or it may be fully defined. The same can be said for your PRDProduct Requirements Document. No matter how far along the definition process you are, we can help you to ask all the right questions up front, so that the product is well defined and thought out before the engineering begins.

Throughout the entire project, we will be reaching out as our engineers uncover further undefined behaviors, or use cases. The plan is to help you design the best product possible on a predictable schedule.

Expertise in documentation

Organizational Expertise

Illuminosi has a team of experienced consultants who have helped organize customer support and engineering teams for large and small organizations. We can help establish test discipline and full documentation control where none has existed. Such "burdens" will often pay off before the first project has been completed by increased efficiency and reduced design changes.

Our team has a long history of working in very informal structures, where the real stakeholders (and their influence levels) are not well known or articulated. Our skills in drawing out these connections and engaging them will ensure the success of your project.

Printed Circuit Board

Hardware and Firmware Engineering

Illuminosi has a top team of experienced engineers available to help design your next product, on time, and on budget.
Our firmware team designs using test driven techniques for high quality and rapid turnaround. Our hardware engineers design using the latest in behavioral description languages, as well as advanced FPGA prototyping to prove the design and begin firmware integration before PD begins. These fine engineers are backed up by our systems software specialists who assure that the design is optimal before tapeout.

We assemble the pieces

When everything looks confusing, with so many similar tasks to complete in a short amount of time, Illuminosi can help; prioritizing the important steps, spotting the critical path items and helping with just-in-time staffing to meet your needs.

We use time-proven methods to design the best possible product for you with a predictable schedule and budget.

Our key mantra is "There should be no surprises". This forms the basis for our communication protocol. Weekly updates with all the project status information will be sent to your project management team as you direct.

Our software engineering staff has the experience needed to provide you with a completed product, fully tested. We can provide installation, accessibility, and globalization features so that your product is ready for the international market.

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